Dive sites
Amed and Tulamben

Over 15 dive sites in the area to choose from. All are within 20 minutes away.

From the world-class and most popular USAT Liberty Wreck to macro paradise, 
let our experienced guides make your dive dreams come true.

Dive site Liberty Wreck
Liberty Wreck

Some sections of the original wreck are still intact. The entire wreck lets many kinds of fish and corals flourish. This is not only one of the most popular dive site in Bali, but also a macro heaven.

Dive site Drop Off
Drop Off

This site was formed by a series of underwater lava flows. Only a shore distance from shore. The reef descends to over 70 meters deep. Here, you can find anything from minuscule frog fish to monstrous sunfish if you are lucky.

Dive site Coral Garden
Coral Garden

This shallow reef follows the shoreline for about 150 meters. It is known for almost a guaranteed sighting of the rarest sea critters in the world.

Dive site Seraya Secrets
Seraya Secrets

This is considered one of the best muck dive sites in the area. An abundance of the most usual creatures. An easily accessed site with its many surprises and secrets from 10 to 35 meters.

Dive site Amed Drop Off
Amed Drop Off

Here you find pyramids, composed by many cubes, that are completely covered in different kinds of coral. Inside and around each of the structure, there are full of very interesting sea lives, such as blue spotted stingrays, leaf fish and turtles.

Dive site Amed Secret
Amed Secret

This is still a very new dive site. Here is best known to do a "muck dive" because it has sandy bottom and a gentle slope from shallow to deep. Many unique creatures can be spotted hiding just above the sand.

Dive site Jemeluk Bay
Jemeluk Bay

Each of the bay has two headlands. There are steep walls that can drop off dramatically to over 30 meters. Both walls can be accessed from shore. About 100 meters swim. This site is usually reached by using a Jukung (a local fishing boat).

Dive site Bunutan Reef
Bunutan Reef

After reaching this site by boat, you can see thousands of garden eels nesting in the shallow water. Once going deeper, sharks and barracudas can possibly be sighted. To finish off the dive by drifting by a spectacular coral garden

Dive site Japanese Wreck
Japanese Wreck

Resting in shallow water, This small wreck allows you to see many fantastic coral and colorful fish. Beyond the wreck, you can still enjoy a lively slope to the deep that coral and fish are abundant.

There are many more less mentioned but quite beautiful diving spots such as, Kubu Reef, Gili Selang, Alam Anda and Batu Kelebit.

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